The Country Heritage Collection

Sorry, custom or commissioned work is not being accepted at this time.

Each tabletop work of art in the Country Heritage Collection is created especially to celebrate the simple beauty and dignity of classic American farmsteads, barns and other country structures. They are crafted from old barn wood and other reclaimed materials which artist Barbara King puts through a myriad of milling steps—ripping, resawing, planing, and sometimes good old-fashioned whittling—before any piece is deemed ready for use. One little building may have hundreds of custom milled pieces and every piece of wood selected has the power to influence the personality of the finished piece.

In all of her work, Barbara chooses colors that reflect a heritage of simple country living. All surfaces are distressed and aged in her distinctive folk-art style to enhance their primitive appeal. The inherent personality of each little building suggests “rustic” but they are at home in almost any decor from elegant antique to contemporary styles. The photographs here are representative of some of the classic country styles which can be varied in limitless ways. No two houses are ever exactly alike, but you may notice common occurrences of favorite structural components or fanciful touches which suit her caprices.

Although actual architectural details are kept to a minimum, the real charm and personality of each structure comes from the tiny whimsical touches Barbara adds to each one. Hidden inside is a charming “tiny touch of home”— a hand-painted country quilt wall hanging, a checkered floorcloth, a rustic bench, a gameboard table, or other such whimsy—a special trademark to be enjoyed by those who take the time to peer through the open windows.

Hundreds of these little houses have found their way into treasured collections across the country, each one numbered and signed by the artist.