The country church stands approximately 15 inches tall to the top of the spire. Adornments on the country churches are kept to a minimum because it is their very simplicity that makes them so appealing. The main variations are in window numbers and shape—either Gothic arched or rounded—and in the design of the front entry. Three-sided "wraparound" or tiered steps can be used instead of straight risers. The church can have a vestibule or apse added to the front of the sanctuary. The spire can be on the top roof peak or can rise from the addition. Sometimes a handcarved cross adorns the front. Inside every country church is a handcrafted pulpit or prayer rail.

The country church is such a popular design at the Barnyard Shoppe that a special group of collectors has arisen who want nothing but churches. Special commissions from this group bring some of the biggest challenges. To date, one of Barbara’s very favorite undertakings is the church pictured to the left. It is her interpretation of an historic chapel in the Washington DC area and was commissioned as an anniversary present for a young couple who was married there. It is such a thrill to be involved in a project like that!

The church to the right is modeled after an historic church in eastern North Carolina, commissioned by the granddaughter of a couple who met on the front steps and were married there over 65 years ago! The only guide Barbara had in reproducing this Gothic beauty was the photograph on a commemorative plate.