Barns and other buildings

The Barnyard Shoppe has three distinctly different barn styles. The gambrel-roofed dairy barn, about 12  inches tall, has double "X" doors with a cow stall inside. Pictured here in white, it is particularly handsome painted the proverbial Barn Red. The classic North Carolina tobacco barn features chinking between each custom whittled aged "log" and is topped by a 100-year-old rusty tin shingle salvaged from the Browns Summit train depot which until recently stood proudly next to The Barnyard Shoppe.  Inside you will find "tobacco" leaves drying on a wall-mounted rack. The livestock stable stands about 12 inches high to the top of the roof-perched cupola. It has vertical siding and a decorative hex sign hand painted over the door. The siding can be painted a color of your choice or it can be stained or left weathered as the wood comes. It can have either two half-size "Z" doors as shown or one large single door. There is a whittled ladder outside heading up to the hay loft and inside you will find a manger-style feed trough.

Dairy barn with gambrel roof

"Chinked" log tobacco barn with rusty tin roof

Stable with cupola
and open shed

Potting shed with trellis
and window box

Noah’s Ark—in search of animals

Vintage gas station
with hipped roof

Lots of other outbuildings and unusual structures come from the Barnyard Shoppe from time to time—country stores, granaries, corn cribs, flour mills, gazebos and green houses, just to start the list. The potting shed, just under 9 inches tall, is one of our favorites. It has a hand-painted "brick" floor, a trellis on the side, and either a potting bench inside with a tiny tin watering can and a clay pot or hand whittled garden tools hanging on a "peg board". The vintage gas station was commissioned by one of our early collectors and still ranks as one of the most satisfying projects. Noah's Ark just had to be added to the collection although, with the exception of the hand-carved white dove perched atop the cupola, there are no pairs of animals awaiting rescue. (If you don’t have a set of your own, we can refer you to our favorite woodcarvers who can provide you with any animals you want.)